Time-Shifting Medicines


Some wacky New Agers sell stuff called Chronobiotics. In terms of science this is on the order of herbal and alternative cures - not much merit. This site is about serious chronobiotics.

"Vitamin M" — is melatonin the cure for your sleep problems?

For Management of Obesity and Diabetes: Is Timing the Answer?

Melatonin as a chronobiotic/cytoprotector: its role in healthy aging

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Approaches to the Pharmacological Management of Jet Lag

Circadian rhythm pioneers win 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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Use of Melatonin in Children and Adolescents with Primary Sleep Disorders and Sleep Disorders Associated to Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity

Circadian System and Melatonin Hormone: Risk Factors for Complications during Pregnancy.

A review on antidepressant activity of Agomelatine.

Melatonin as a Geroprotector: Healthy Aging vs. Extension of Lifespan.

Bidirectional communication between sleep and circadian rhythms and its implications for depression: lessons from agomelatine.

Effects of melatonin and metformin in preventing lysosome-induced autophagy and oxidative stress in rat models of carcinogenesis and the impact of high-fat diet.

Therapeutic potential of melatonin as a chronobiotic and cytoprotective agent in diabetes mellitus.

Diagnosis, Cause, and Treatment Approaches for Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder

Melatonin and Its Agonist Ramelteon in Alzheimer's Disease: Possible Therapeutic Value

Melatonin and melatonergic drugs on sleep: possible mechanisms of action.

Effects of three types of chronobiotics on anaerobic performances and their diurnal variations

Comparison of agomelatine and escitalopram on nighttime sleep and daytime condition and efficacy in major depressive disorder patients.

Major depressive disorder, anhedonia and agomelatine: an open-label study.

The use of chronobiotics in the resynchronization of the sleep/wake cycle. Therapeutical application in the early phases of Alzheimer's disease.

The role of melatonin in the cells of the innate immunity: a review

Efficacy and tolerability of ramelteon in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study in Japanese patients with chronic primary insomnia.

Clinical perspectives for the use of melatonin as a chronobiotic and cytoprotective agent.

Melatonin: circadian rhythm regulator, chronobiotic, antioxidant and beyond.


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